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  • Financing
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  • Bank Guarantees
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  • Collections
  • Liquidity Solutions
  • Treasury Services
  • Forward Exchange Contracts
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  • Insurance
  • Wealth Management
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  • Currency Exchange
  • Risk Management

Business Investments

  • Deposits
  • Time Deposits

HSBC Indonesia Discussion Activity

  • HSBC Indonesia 1 Year Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Hi, what would be the interest rate on a 375000 AUD 1 year time deposit in INR, and what would the tax rate payable on interest earned be for someone living in Indonesia on a retirement visa, and no other earnings in Indonesia. Thank you

    Reply Alexander S Diball from Tokyo, Japan
  • HSBC Indonesia 1 Year Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: To customers cares I would like to do the fix deposit in HSBC what is the interest rate paying currently. Thank you

    Reply C prakash from Indonesia